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Deeply knowing that there isn't any universal solution that fits all, while every business has its own unique objective and strategy, Far Vision Technologies, as a software development company, addressed itself to use different technologies to response to the unique need of each client.

At Far Vision Technologies, we are caretakers of the client's intellectual property, proprietary software and new development specifications. Clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code at the end of any project. We are your service partners and are fully focused in getting your project done Quickly, Efficiently and Effectively under the shadow of commitment and reliability. With our ability to provide total I.T Solution we have the following expertise to help you to do more with I.T :

Database Technologies
Front - End Technologies
V.B .NET Oracle Dev. Form

By considering commitment and customer's satisfactions as a priority in order to achieve our objective, our Professional Team can offer the following I.T solutions.

Software Design
Database Design
Website Design
E-Commerce Solution
Re-Design Website / E- Commerce Solution
Multimedia Solution
Website Maintenance
Multilinguistic Solution
Logo Design
  Key benefits of system development at Far Vision Technologies are :
Ability of developing customized, fully integrated and cost-effective systems as per your demand and requirement.
Respond promptly and flexibly to any changes or additions during the course of project.
Sincere Dedication of programmers to meet deadline and Commitment to client benefit maximization.
Approach to building long term relationship for offshore software development services.
Protection of Intellectual property rights (IPR).
A low risk delivery model and therefore highly predictable systems.