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At FAR VISION TECHNOLOGIES, we help our clients to build successful and sustainable IT solution for their businesses. We facilitate our customers with everything, from business strategy up to the implementation of their business policies. If you have already developed IT system running in your organization, but if it is too old, not fulfilling all your business requirements, facing hurdles due to designed by unexperience developers or even feel you resource hunger, our professional developers can resolve all these existing I.T related problems, either related to software, website, e-commerce or even related to hosting or domain, we can solve all these issues without effecting any further loss to your company.

We perform re-engineering of applications from existing platforms to newer ones and from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies.

Re-Engineering methodology can include following approach
Integrates Legacy Systems and new driven technologies.
Migration of systems and business logic to new architectures, languages and web-based environments.
Ensures systems quality and stability.
Replace a legacy system, moving the data from the legacy application to the new application while preserving data integrity.
Consolidate legacy systems eliminating duplication by moving data and functionality from various systems to a smaller number of systems.

We work on every phase of migration process i.e. current technology study and evaluation, requirement analysis, code migration, testing phase as well and deployment phase.